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Affinity Sutton National Ambassador Programme 2012 - Ria Gregory, 20

Ria gained the relevant skills through the National Ambassador Programme to help her achieve her dream job as Public Relations Officer at City Hall.

Without a doubt it was the support of the National Ambassador programme that got me my job working at City Hall. I had no ‘real’ experience to talk about before as I had only been at school, being a National Ambassador gave me examples in team work, influencing and presenting to large audiences, all of which they were looking for in the role. The National Ambassador programme changed my life.”


Ria was always focused on making a change and being influential in society, but wasn’t sure how to achieve it. At 17 Ria was at college re-sitting her A levels due to being off from school over a year with illness and volunteering on our Credit Union project, where she first heard about our National Ambassador Programme. Ria was attracted to the role so as she could start making that change.

Ria was a fantastic advocate for young people, always speaking eloquently in meetings and being our ‘critical friend’ to help us improve our website; designing youth posters and commenting on the Resident Involvement structure. Ria really proved herself as a role model when shadowing our CEO Keith Exford for a day and running a workshop at the NRC with fellow ambassadors, which was voted the best by our residents.

Ria participated in team-building, public speaking and influence skills training through being a National Ambassador which she says helped her to secure her apprenticeship in City Hall, working as Press Relations Officer for Mayor of London. Ria has now been offered a full time permanent role as Public Relations Officer and is being sponsored to do her degree in History. Through the experience of the National Ambassador Programme Ria gained the relevant employability skills to achieve her dream job.