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Amicus Horizon Bermondsey Summer Activity and Engagement

The summer scheme enabled over 180 young people under the age of 16 to access a range of exciting opportunities, whilst a group of volunteers 16+ completed work based training in youth work and leadership.

Youth engagement project combining early volunteer training for 16+ to support later youth activities linked to community based spaces and facilities. Long term engagement leading to employment opportunities in youth work and large scale retail.


  • Employment
  • Education
  • Personal Development & Wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Youth Voice
  • Play & Recreation


  • Engagement over 150 young people form Bermondsey area
  • Longer term engagement with 10 x 16+ residents
  • Legacy of youth led development within a difficult to reach community

Outputs achieved:

  • 11 volunteers completing training through partnership in youth work and leadership
  • 182 young people attending summer activity
  • Further engagement with young people and local facilities

Summary of project activity:

Initial engagement through outreach in the community in identified hard to reach areas. Engaged 16+ candidates invited to participate in training locally through Salmon centre and other partners existing supply chains.

Large scale summer schemes included engaged 16+ candidates as custodians assisting in delivery. Long term they were referred onto employment support using this experience as Launchpad. Younger attendees were referred to sustainable activities within communities.

Please describe in detail the outcomes achieved and impact of overall project:

  • 180 young people attending under 16
  • 11 x 16+ candidates engaged and completed unaccredited work based training in youth work and leadership
  • 180 referred to local provision within community for longer term support
  • 11 referred onto employment support with long term goals set
  • 3 weeks summer activities which included parental engagement and consultation for other services to the community

Proposals for future project development:

This model can be utilised in other hard to reach areas as it includes the older role models young people have created. The project shouldn’t be repeated in the same area as it has a strong initial impact which needs to lead onto sustainable support.

Feedback from participants:

It was really successful with over 180 young people attending. The young people were able to access exciting opportunities and try new activities that they would not have had the chance of taking part in without the summer scheme. A number of young people told us this was the most exciting thing they did that summer with one young person telling us they had never been on holiday before!


young people attended summer activity


residents completed training