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Catalyst Housing engages with after-school club in Brent

After-school numeracy and literacy club Gener8 has been formed to help improve academic attainment in the local area.

Gener8 is an after-school club focusing on improving numeracy and literacy standards in Brent. The club is a response to local resident consultation, which identified a need for a ‘homework’ type club and the Brent Strategic Plan, which aims to improve academic attainment. The club was started in January 2016 and works with 25 young people across primary and secondary school age.

Alongside numeracy and literacy sessions, the club also deliver neuro-games, an interactive games programme, which improves cognitive function and ability. The programme is validated and researched by Birkbeck University. Catalyst Housing also provide youth work activities as part of the club and creative arts, which parents can also be involved in as part of an inter-generational scheme. Children and young people are assessed as part of the club and results are shared with their respective schools as a comparison exercise. This enables Catalyst to gain invaluable input from schools on how participants should be supported and improve positive outcomes for them.

The club is now being extended to run over 2 days-a-week in response to growing interest from residents.


young people helped by after-school club