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Giving homeless young people a future.

Housing is just the first step for young people. Once they have their own room, they need opportunities to build self-confidence – which is often extremely low.

The Centrepoint Engagement team works hard to give young people a range of opportunities from dance to cookery classes, and training in cricket, boxing and football.

For many, sport and physical activity can be an easy and informal opportunity for staff to talk about personal development and the future. We partner with some of the country’s leading football clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea, and this year we’re organising the England team for the first-ever Street Child Cricket World Cup.

Our flagship programme is the Homeless World Cup – an inspiring street football tournament that brings together more than 500 players from around the world. This is an incredible opportunity for young people to challenge themselves and to visit new countries.

A four stage approach

How we inspire young people is key, and for them to start caring about themselves is the most important part. Self-awareness is essential – you can’t lead if you don’t know yourself and we encourage young people to think like leaders.

Our four stage approach ‘social, physical, technical and tactical’ benefits young people through team work, physical and mental activity as well as showing the importance of rules and boundaries and creating a sense of pride amongst young people.

After joining our programmes, young people’s punctuality improves and they build relationships with others. We find that they also help and inspire each other.