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East Thames Barclays Mentoring Programme 2015/16

New skills and confidence gained by the mentees on the 12 week course has seen six of them securing work upon graduation.

Six mentees have successfully gained employment after graduating from an East Thames and Barclays mentoring scheme.

The enthusiastic learners, who were from all ages and walks of life were allocated a Barclays mentor through a networking session held at Barclay’s head office. They then embarked on a 12 week course aimed to give them the soft skills needed to secure a job. The sessions covered subjects such as interview skills and presentation, and helped the participants identify their career goals.

Speaking on the day, Leah Simpson, 22, a graduate from Dagenham who had previously struggled with finding a job said “I’m so grateful because without this scheme I’d be down in the dumps, sat at home. With the help of my mentor Ashley, I had the confidence to walk into a shop and ask for a job and I got it!”

Leah’s mentor, Ashley Calvert said “Mentoring is so rewarding and fulfilling because you’re able to assist people and you watch them become successful, it’s a wonderful opportunity. Mentoring is only about giving people guidance, so they have the tools to do the job themselves.”

“I think this East Thames scheme is absolutely exceptional, I’ve worked on many mentoring schemes in the past and I’m enthusiastic about this one beyond belief.”

The new skills gained by the mentees have seen six of them securing work, while the others are putting their new found confidence into practice in job applications and interviews. The mentoring programme has also helped participants consider the career options open to them and focus on the most suitable path for them and the training they might need to achieve their ambitions.

John Bryson, Employment and Financial Inclusion Manager for East Thames said,

“We’re supporting people to build their own futures using their own skills. We’ve supported 286 people into work in the last year, and with schemes like this one we hope to help many more.”

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