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East Thames ‘Routes to Work’ Case Study 2015/16

Participating in the East Thames 'Routes to Work' programme allowed Leah to gain a variety of skills, including photography, office administration and design.

After completing her degree in film production, Leah, 22 from Dagenham was struggling to find work.

“I had the skills and qualifications but not the experience and I was starting to lose my confidence.”

Leah visited a jobs fair and met Claudette, a member of the Employment team at East Thames. Claudette assessed Leah’s needs and invited her to visit Starting Point for help with searching and applying for jobs.

“Claudette encouraged me to sign up to the “Routes to Work” work experience programme run by East Thames.”

Leah was offered work experience at East Thames, helping the Marketing and Communications team. She was able to gain a variety of skills including photography, office administration and design.

“Routes to Work taught me a lot, and the group sessions allowed me to get to know other people in the same situation. Getting a placement at East Thames has helped me regain my confidence, refresh my skills and most importantly, now I’m focussed on where I see myself in the future.”

Leah has also signed up for the Barclays Mentoring scheme, which offers workshops and training for young people. Participants are matched with a mentor from Barclays to help them develop a long term career plan.

“Since signing up with East Thames I have constantly been supported by the different teams I have worked with and that’s been really encouraging. I would recommend the Employment and Training team to anyone who wants help with training or getting back into work.”

For information on other ways East Thames can help you get back into work, visit