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Family Mosaic Holiday Activity Programme

We created a platform to engage with Family Mosaic customers between the ages of 12-25 who had not previously worked with the Youth Academy.

Project Outline:

We set out to create a platform to engage with Family Mosaic customers between the ages of 12-25 who had not previously worked with the Youth Academy by offering holiday programmes during the February half-term and Easter school breaks.

The goal of the programmes were two-fold: to gather insight from participants on the types of activities they wanted to get involved in, and how we could best deliver that to them. Throughout all of our planning, we aimed to form positive relationships with our customers so that we could work collaboratively to design future programmes that genuinely met their needs.

Additionally, keeping young people actively engaged during holiday periods – a time when they can become more vulnerable to harm and risky behaviour – impacts the wider community by helping to reduce the possibility of anti-social behaviour.


  • Education
  • Sports
  • Play & Recreation
  • Arts and Culture


  • To gain a better understanding of the needs and interest of Family Mosaic’s younger residents to feed back into our future work programmes.
  • To engage young people in a programme of school holiday activities to promote positive relationships, greater wellbeing and avoidance of anti-social or harmful behaviour.
  • To increase young people’s employability skills through the completion of accredited activities.

Outputs achieved:

  1. New participants – 21 new young people engaged with Youth Academy activities for the first time
  2. Active engagement – 24 young people involved in the programme and kept safe from potential antisocial behaviour.
  3. Diverse participants – 3 young people with additional needs were supported and participants came from 5 different areas of London
  4. Full programme – 61.5 hours of sport, art and music activity provided over 14 days (including 16.5 hours or physical activity). 12 hour of accredited learning provided.

Summary of project activity:

Initial planning –

We initially designed a pilot holiday activity programme (HAP) for the February half-term week as a platform to engage our younger residents and to find out their interests and gaps that we might be able to fill as a housing provider. We could then use this information to develop future programmes that respond to their needs and interests.

Targeting participants –

We targeted young people aged 12-24 living in Family Mosaic homes in 4 key London Boroughs: Lambeth and Greenwich in the south and Hackney and Islington in the north. The programme was free of charge for participants.

As the February programme was a pilot, we limited the number of participants to 15 and stipulated that they must be able to attend each day. 11 participants completed the programme in full and all of them expressed enthusiasm to participate in future programmes.

Activity planning –

Focusing on sport, music and art, the programme delivered a different activity each day, with an opportunity for participants to gain accreditations in three activities, for example the Junior Football Leaders Award. We selected a wide range of activities to ensure that all participants had something they would be interested in. The week concluded with a trip to Essex Outdoors for quad biking, an obstacle and high ropes course.

Programme evaluation –

Following the success of the February pilot, we decided to deliver a similar programme during the Easter break. We used the participant’s feedback from the pilot to help us shape the subsequent programme. Young people told us that they enjoyed a variety of activities so we aimed to maintain this however they also felt that the activities were too spread across London, presenting a challenge for some. In response to this, we delivered the bulk of the activities for the Easter programme from one location (South London) and also used it as the meeting point for any off-site trips.

Although we promoted our activities London-wide and were more flexible with attendance, we prioritised spaces for the final trip (a day trip to Essex Outdoors) to those who had attended most of the programme. This approach encouraged participants to take part in most of the programmes sot hat we achieved our target of 20 participants.

Proposals for future project development:

During the programme, some young people expressed a strong desire to further develop their leadership skills.

Youth leadership – Currently some participants from the holiday programmes are being assisted to apply for external peer-led funding so that they can deliver future programmes themselves. A youth leadership programme is likely to be of interest to some of Family Mosaic’s younger customers.

More holiday activities – Many of our participants noted that they wanted more holiday activities in future.


new young people engaged with activities


hours of activity provided over 14 days