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Peabody's Festival of Opportunities

Your world. Your future. Make it happen.

In partnership with the US Embassy, Cabinet Office, Pears Foundation, T. Brown and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Peabody hosted the ‘Festival of Opportunities’ – a weeklong series of professional events aimed at providing young people with information on, and access to, a variety of high-profile and non-traditional careers.

With a focus on engaging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the festival was designed to level the playing field, raise aspirations and establish positive relationships between young people, employers and educators. It was developed in response to a need identified by Peabody’s Youth Board, who consulted other young residents and found that one of the most common issues amongst their peers was a perceived lack of opportunities and guidance for young adults.

Throughout the festival, a range of activities were held including master-classes, professional networking, and practical and creative workshops, alongside workplace visits to Google Head Office, Clifford Chance law firm and the trading floor at Tower 42, along with tours of Oxford University and Imperial College. The festival aimed to provide opportunities for young people to engage with careers, industries and progression routes that they might not have considered or been able to previously access, and its core objectives were to support young people to:

  • Raise their aspirations
  • Establish relationships with employers and educators
  • Raise awareness of and access new opportunities
  • Influence community change
  • Provide support and opportunities to their peers

150 young people were engaged over the week and over 40 professionals took part in the festival in a variety of ways, including speaking on discussion panels, taking part in careers networking and hosting master-classes.

For more information on similar activities taking place throughout the year, please contact