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In recent years the level of challenge and complexity of issues young people face has significantly increased. The Hyde Foundation Successful Places team works to build partnerships and collaborate beyond the housing sector to develop solutions with and for young people.

Lambeth: Estate of Mine

Our place, our space, our future: Building safer, healthier futures

At a strategic level the Successful Places team were part of the London Advisory Board to the All-Party Parliamentary Youth Violence Commission (YVC). The YVC made a key recommendation that a ‘public health approach’ is taken to addressing violence. Hyde Foundation’s work at a local level is closely aligned to this recommendation; viewing violence through a ‘health lens’ and not as an isolated incident. Solutions are grounded in understanding and aim to create new positive social norms.

The ‘Estate of Mine’ concept is founded on working with a range of stakeholders to create longer term projects that are inter-connected and have local community at their heart. Partners like Battersea Power Station Foundation, the Mayors Young Londoners Fund and Optivo Housing have committed resources, alongside Hyde Charitable Trust, to fund projects for the next 3 years. Our aim is to improve the lives of young people, their families and the wider community through working with them to create positive activities, safe places for them to connect, and opportunities for them to develop skills and knowledge.

Projects include:

Ambition – Ambition Youth Support Service (YSS)

Ambition (YSS) is a three-year programme that was created with and for young people in recognition of the increased personal and structural barriers that some young residents face. Hyde, Active Communities Network, Optivo and Battersea Power Station Foundation have come together to collaborate around the need to support these young people to enable greater social and economic mobility.

Case study – Dan*

Hyde Foundation’s partner, Active Communities Network, first met Dan* when he joined their local community sports project in 2018.

Dan was one of the young people who was the inspiration for launching the Ambition programme in 2018. Dan was bright, clearly capable and well-liked but lacked direction and motivation.

He had struggled at college and without much of a support network dropped out after a year. Ambition offered Dan a vital alternative to mainstream education at a crucial time. Ambition meant he was able to access weekly personal and careers development sessions as well as one to one support and recreational opportunities.

Through his engagement with Ambition it became clear Dan had raw leadership potential, which was honed through the programme, enabling him to take part in volunteer opportunities, in house training and accredited courses. Dan’s progress has led to him being employed on a part time basis as a sessional youth worker, positively engaging and inspiring his peers.

Dan is now driven, motivated and eagerly seeking to build his skills and enter full time employment while remaining committed to staying involved as a volunteer supporting other local young people who can benefit from the tailored opportunities available through Ambition.

YPM Mentoring – Preventing homelessness

Hyde Foundation have worked in partnership with Young People Matter (YPM) for many years and YPM are now delivering projects as part of Estate of Mine. This includes an intensive employability mentoring project for young people aged 16-25 and an outreach project.

YPM are deeply rooted in the local community, with strong relationships to young people and their families. They have an in depth understanding of the issues affecting these young people and work practically to support them with cross cutting concerns.

Case study – Jamie*

For one young man, who had been known to Young People Matter (YPM) for five years, being part of the mentoring project meant YPM have been able to provide practical support when it has mattered the most. After two years of living independently his housing situation changed drastically, making it difficult for him to access employment opportunities. YPM offered support with money management, ensuring that he was paying his rent on time but also had money to eat, to gain employment as well as provide emotional support that had been lacking elsewhere in his life.

Creating this stability has given him the ability to attend an 8-week music opportunity in north London, made available through a newly formed partnership with Centrepoint Works. He has attended interviews with four different companies, with him going from never having completed a job application to being able to attend interviews with confidence. He was recently successful in securing a placement as a receptionist. YPM, for many young people, has become a second home for and he has said:

“If YPM was not around [he couldn’t be] sure where [he] would be now”

The support through the mentoring project has been a transformative experience with him now thinking more seriously about his career and a future which includes full time employment, his own home and wider opportunities.

CALM – Young leaders for change

CALM (Connecting Ambitious Leaders Movement) is a youth movement that works with and for young people at risk, who live on the Stonebridge and Church End estates. CALM is funded and supported by the Hyde Charitable Trust and Catalyst Gateway and is designed to improve community cohesion between the two estates. They have an ambition to design a youth offer that delivers meaningful participation and pathways to tailored support, including early intervention through to employment.

Eleven young residents attended a team building residential in the Lake District to develop the next phase of CALM. Supported by Hornstars, Train Station and Bemoreplus, they also shared their ambitions and ideas for the change they wish to see in their community.

With the support of CALM, these young leaders who are residents of Hyde and Catalyst are creating a new story for Stonebridge and Church End. They hope to influence funders and stakeholders improve opportunities for their community and future generations by facilitating youth-led programmes that meet the current and emerging needs and inspire young people across both estates to speak up, be heard and get involved.

Abdi Farah, Director at Hornstars said:

 “It was a brilliant residential full of fun, action and self-discovery. When young people are given the platform to come together and solve problems whilst learning about themselves in the process, then we have truly done our job as practitioners. We have some of the most vibrant young people in Stonebridge and Church End and we are privileged and enriched by their drive, enthusiasm and creativity.”

Michelle Robinson, Community Investment Coordinator at Catalyst Housing said:

“In a time where violence is impacting on young people and the rest of the community, Catalyst and the Hyde Group recognise the need to share resources and expertise to address these challenges. This programme is a great example of our long-term collaboration to provide the opportunities, skills, experiences and support for young people to become the leaders that they are.”

This programme is also part of Hyde’s Estate of Mine: Our Place, Our Space, Our Future, which is a place-based approach to improve the lives of young people, their families and the wider community. By working in this way, they will create positive activities, safe places for them to connect, and the opportunity to develop skills.

CALM is funded and supported by the Hyde Charitable Trust and Catalyst Gateway.