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Hyde Plus in partnership with InUnity transform delivers sports, healthy eating, creative arts and community action initiatives

Move It! @ Propeller in Croydon has successfully demonstrated that Housing Associations build trust and community cohesion, reduce anti-social behaviour and improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Hyde Plus has been working in partnership with InUnity to transform Propeller Crescent in Croydon into a place where young people and their families can thrive. Two years ago both residents and Hyde members of staff were concerned about the high levels of anti-social behaviour and lack of opportunities for young people in the area.

In response, Hyde Plus, Hyde’s Resident Services team and InUnity worked together, securing funding from the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund, Hyde Charitable Trust and Hyde to introduce an ongoing youth and community initiative at the heart of our estate.

As a result of this investment, Move It! @ Propeller was born – a programme which has built trust and community cohesion, significantly reduced anti-social behaviour and improved the health and wellbeing of residents. The programme delivers sports, healthy eating, creative arts and community action initiatives, regularly engaging 30 young people from Propeller.

It’s projects like this which demonstrate that Housing Associations do more than build homes – they invest in communities,’

says Sophie McKechnie, Hyde’s Projects and Partnerships Manager.

The Successful Places team at Hyde Plus initiates partnership programmes that enable positive change and reduce estate-related challenges.

For more information visit See Move It! @ Propeller in action.


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