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L&Q Young Carers

This programme assists young carers in the community whose caring roles are currently 'hidden' to their schools. Individual support plans will aid in improving young carers' self-esteem and school performance, and link them and their families with longer term support services.

Following a successful pilot L&Q have created a programme to identify and support ‘hidden’ young carers, those children and young people whose caring roles are not currently known to their school or support services that can help them.

Working in partnership with the local young carers organisations specific to each borough we have funded eight ‘Schools Project Officers’ to work within 60 schools over three years and identify and support 420 new young carers’. This will be through staff training, outreach work to families, assemblies and providing direct practical help and advice to newly identified individuals in schools and at home.

Each young carer will receive an individual support plan designed to help improve their confidence, self-esteem, school attendance and educational performance as assessed by their teacher. It will also link the young carers and their families with longer term support services appropriate to their needs. The schools will also benefit in the longer term from the specialised training that will be offered to staff.

The project is currently offered in Barking and Dagenham, Croydon, Hackney, Lewisham, Lambeth,  Newham, Wandsworth and Waltham Forest.

For more information on the L&Q Young Carers contact Sharon Beaufond or Asif Chishty on 07790 805 821 or /


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