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Tutors United

Enabling every child to succeed.

Newlon Housing has partnered with Tutors United since 2017 to deliver Tutoring Young Residents programme providing free Maths and English tutoring to low-income and migrant primary school pupils. The programme also created employment for university students, giving them valuable experience and training before they graduate and take their steps into the world of work.


Private tuition rates reach or exceed £30 per hour, meaning it is affordable only for few; this is a huge disadvantaged for pupils from low-income families, who do not have the means to access extra academic support and statistically attain less than their wealthier peers.

At least 77.8% of Tutors United pupils and /or parents and carers speak English as an additional language, and at least 55.6% of pupils are 1st or 2nd generation migrants. To note, the latter figure represents only those parents who stated they are migrants on the registration form; others, various reasons, were hesitant to identify as such.

As well as posing challenges for EAL pupils, its clear from interaction with parents that language barriers and unfamiliarity with the National Curriculum make it difficult for parents to support their children at home academically.

This demonstrated that the English and Maths tutoring service by Tutors United and Newlon Housing is a solid community investment – going to families who need it the most.

Pupil Impact

While Tutors United focuses predominantly on academic attainment and progress; they also aim to increase pupil’s confidence in learning, strengthen their ability to learn independently and make them more willing to take on challenges. Research has shown that non-cognitive skills such as confidence, motivation. Perseverance underpin and facilitate academic success

Throughout the programme, parents and tutors have seen first-hand the improvement of the pupils’ attitude towards learning, particularly when they find something difficult; we believe this change in attitude towards learning has been crucial in helping to make progress.

Fahmida has improved since she began attending the tutoring sessions. She went from a 2E to 3E in English, which is excellent despite her stating (when she first arrived) that she does not particularly enjoy the subject and feels more comfortable with maths. Fahmida is also becoming more confident during class discussions and enjoys taking part in activities and pair work. – Ayan Fahmida’s tutor

To date 26 pupils have participated in English and Maths tuition classes.