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Accord Housing

Community Ambassador Programme
Bordesley Green, Birmingham (West Midlands)
Funded by #iwill
Accord Housing case study

On behalf Of Birmingham Social Housing Partnership (BSHP), Accord is leading on a new project that seeks to engage Youth Ambassadors to help get Birmingham “Commonwealth Games-ready”. This 12 month project is funded by Clarion Housing Group, match funder and ambassador of the #iwill Fund.

Birmingham is diverse with people from the Commonwealth historically arriving to help rebuild the city’s post-war economy. It has increased its diversity since then. It also has a population which is the youngest in Europe. It is a city of opportunity and yet young people face a number of economic, social and geographical challenges that are often played out along ethnic lines.

Gang activity is currently problematic – in terms of social and ethnic segregation and as territorial responses to neighbourhoods. There are young people on the peripheries of gangs who are susceptible to being drawn into more serious gang activity causing further cohesion issues.

This Community Ambassador programme will bring young citizens together to:

  • Plan and host celebratory local community events
  • Ensure places / communities are attractive and welcoming to all visitors to the City and remain so as a legacy of the Games
  • Utilise and enhance open spaces
  • Build team-working and sustained community integration across ethnic and geographical boundaries
  • Co-design a toolkit that will assist Birmingham communities to sustain the success from the programme

The recruitment process is still open so if you know a young Birmingham resident aged 16-25 that would like to volunteer as Youth Ambassador please, contact Natalie Jones by email, or Peter Helly at

Accord Housing case study

Accord is a dynamic, innovative and ambitious housing and social care organisation that provides services to over 80,000 people across the Midlands and beyond.